Thursday, 28 June 2012

I'm blogging!

If you already know me, I’m sure this blog comes as no surprise.  If not, here’s a little something to bring you up to speed:

If my life were a TV show, it would be Happy Days. Not because there’s an Italian-American bikie living above our garage – that’s not to say I wouldn’t let the Fonz move in if we had a garage – but because I swear I’m channelling Mrs C.   I love to bake and sew.  Heck, I’m even breeding gingers (and using words like “heck”). 

Before our little ball of awesome auburn came along earlier this year, I worked as a journalist and baked in my spare time.  Now there’s a little less writing and the cake tins are in the cupboard a little longer between stints in the oven.  To deal with that, I’m starting this blog and embarking on what has been christened Esther’s Great Baking Adventure – a personal challenge to bake something different every week.  I’ll be posting recipes and pictures here.

As well as writing and baking, I’ve recently developed a love for sewing.  When I couldn’t find the things I wanted for the nursery or the nappy bag, I made my own.  I discovered other mums wanted some of the same things, so I started selling them here.

Like a true fifties housewife, I’m always up for multi-tasking and have a million projects on the go.  I’ll keep you posted but right now I’m off to whip up this week’s baked goods. 

Have a great day,



  1. Welcome to blogland! We should have a cuppa and cake (your cake) to celebrate...mmmmm

  2. I have just found your blog via M.M.C.
    I am going to make all of the "baked goods" you have shared so far. They all look so easy and delish. How can I resist a 10 minute carrot cake (and in one bowl! hardly any washing up!)
    Following x

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    1. I've added the follow gadget. Hope that works for you :)