Sunday, 22 July 2012

A close call with overcooking

This week's sweet treat had all the hallmarks of a dud and for a while there it looked like this post wasn't going to happen.  But, thanks to the microwave, I have something to write about.

After inhaling a delicious piece of chocolate brownie at a local cafe, I thought I'd have a go at making some of my own.  My only previous attempt at brownie was a dismal failure, thanks to my inability to accept anything still wobbling at the end of the cooking period could possibly be done.  The fear of underdone food goes back to childhood, when Mum served steaks super-mega-uber-well-done and eggs so solid you could bounce a coin off the yolk.  It's only recently I've started to like my steak medium and my eggs runny. 

But back to the brownie.  I trawled the web for inspiration and settled on this recipe for Chocolate Coconut Brownie.  After a few weeks of one-bowl-wonders, all the dishes at the end of the exercise were a bit of a shock to the system but there was more cause for alarm: I was meant to take the pan out of the oven after 35 minutes, max.  No way.  Nothing that sloppy is going anywhere near the cooling rack.  No, sir.  Not on my watch.

So, after giving it closer to 45 minutes and a few stabs with a knife (which still wasn't coming out close to clean), I reluctantly decided enough was enough and called it cooked. 

The end result was delicious - for the first 24 hours.  Then things headed downhill.  The day after baking, the brownie was dry and teetering between "crisp" and "rock hard" around the edges and I was looking for something else to blog about.  Then I remembered the microwave, resurrector of dry cakes everywhere.  After about 15 seconds, the brownie was back to its warm, fudgy best. 

Still, I don't know if I'm game to try it again.  I think brownie might just be one of those things I never add to my list of favourite recipes.  Nevermind, there's always the cafe.

Are there any brownie experts out there?  Was it just the extended cooking time that let my brownie down? 

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  1. Yum... brownie..

    I love eating it but cant bake it to save myself... however... I know that brownie is one of those cakes that are meant to be a bit runny when you pull it out. I think you are instead meant to look for cracking on the top, and cake pulling away from the sides of the tin.

    Mine are always too cakey and miss that chewy fudgy factor - however the recipes I play around with never involve real chocolate - as that is much to dangerous and ingredient for my household :-)

    All the best from another new kiwi blogger!